Slim’s Downtown Raleigh

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Murder Mayhem Ballyhoo and Brewskis

Murder Mayhem Ballyhoo and Brewskis

The Drowning L’s are super-freakin jolly to open for our friends and fellow trouble-makers, Charming Disaster and Curtis Eller at Slim’s Downtown Distillery in Raleigh, NC. Show starts at 9pm. April the 8th. Come join!

The DLs open for Josh Starmer & the Star Makers!

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On the evening of Saturday November 21st, 2015, The Drowning Lovers will play a set to open for the wonderful Joshua Starmer and the Star Makers! We will begin somewhere between 9:30pm and 10pm. If you are in town for the Carrboro Film Festival, it will end at the perfect time for you to mosey on down to The CAVE and catch some of our set and Josh’s too! YouTube 25 second promo!

Drowning <3ers Open for CHARMING DISASTER

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Charming Disaster_DrowningLoversCaffe Driade is on the brink of DISASTER! CHARMING Disaster, that is! And we are pumped up to play prior to their mad musings of morbid mishaps and mayhem. They are a kindred-spirit band! You know it’s the perfect appetizer for your Halloweenie-esque shenanigans. Saturday October 17 at 8pm.

Check out Charming Disaster here:

And here!

Much Pumpkin-flavored and squashy LOVE,

The Drowning ♥ers Open for Josh Starmer and the Starmakers!

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Josh's Adventure

We were DEAD, but now we’re ALIIIIIIIVE!!! So lucky to be opening for our talented and dear friend, Josh Starmer. He is releasing his new CD, Germany Zulu Josh Starmer Germany Zulu, and will celebrate this release at The Cave in downtown Chapel Hill on Friday April 17th. The DLs will play a short set and will begin between 9 and 9:30 and Joshy will sink his teeth into it around 10:30pm.  According to Mr. Starmer, there will be some prizes. Oh, goody! Hope to see you this Friday!

Love, Mer

Drowning at Driade June 21st 8pm!

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Driade2013The Drowning Lovers are happy to announce a Friday-night affair at Caffe Driade. We’re meeting up with cellist, Josh Starmer, who will be rocking it solo with -rumour has it- some tap dancers. (No, not lap dancers. But who knows what will happen, really?!)

Perhaps John will play a short set and then Paul and Meredith will play a short set and then Josh will play a short set, and then the drowning of the lovers will begin.

Come hang out in the old woods, ya’ll!

Prypyat & Drowning ♥ers @ Open Eye

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PRYPYAT (pri-pee-at) PosterPrypyat_DLsis Leah Gibson (Lost in the Trees) and Duncan Webster (Hammer No More the Fingers) and it is said that “…the two create a full and refreshing sound – rich, absorbing melodies floating over the rhythmic fingerpicking of Duncan Webster. A little sun-shiney, a little moon-lighty, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes quirky, with a hint of darkness, Prypyat will make you feel like you’ve been swept up by a cloud and dropped off into some enchanted night-meadow.”

Being paired with Prypyat for an evening of music just might bring you close to that blissed-out catharsis you’ve been needing -you know, the one that causes you to crave chocolate cake and whiskey? BYOCCAWTS*

Show begins a bit after 8pm. Who is playing first? No idea. But whatever the line-up, we aim to be a delicious pairing.

See you there.

*Bring your own chocolate cake and whiskey to share.

Drowning Lovers Love Carrack+Calabash: 5/20

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calabash_10inchPleased as punch? More so. Pleased as a punch to the ribcage of a detested nemesis who stole your beau? Getting closer! The Drowning Lovers are honored to celebrate the beautiful works of artist Jamie B. Wolcott on Sunday, May 20th at 8pm at the Carrack Gallery. See Jamie’s artwork from the 14th to the 24th with a four-day hoo-rah of musicians, theatre artists, and filmmakers! We’ll be sharing the evening with super-actor Kashif Powell of Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern, and filmmaker Jim Haverkamp will be screening his film, When Walt Whitman was a Little Girl. Click here for more deets on the line-up:

We look forward to seeing you there -it has been a while, my friends and foes! Oh -and BRING CASH! Donation-based gallery, but you will want to buys some posters. They are freaking beautiful!

August 13th with Cortete at D&W!

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Once again, we are so happy to be hosted by the awesome Davenport & Winkleperry . We are also psyched to be opening for Cortete, Pittsboro’s own Americana-Folk-Punk party! Please come celebrate with us, the shimmery dimming of summer’s sweet heat! (Coffee? Tea? ME? -wait! NOW, D&W serves up beer, wine, and spirits… Ouija board optional.)

Swimming hats and Southern light,


July 30th at Driade 8-11pm

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Haul it on over to Driade for some summer-soaked java and some circus-noir ringings! Lightning bugs in the twilight with some D-Loves and the Mr. Curtis Eller -sure to be a sweltering good time. We look forward to your swinging by!


Super-Duper Summer Show with Curtis Eller!

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