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Quirky Lounge-Noir with bursts of retro 1950’s, jazz, and blues influences. Witty, satirical, and heartbreaking lyrics that stick.

After meeting through mutual contacts in Chapel Hill and NYC, Paul Snow, John Gillespie, and Meredith Sause formed The Drowning Lovers in December 2009 with the shared concept of writing through the eyes of fictional characters set in an old hotel or flophouse. All agreeing to shoot for vivid imagery in content with a sound connected to eras past, they created their first album, Chatham Mills, which was actually recorded by John Plymale in the old Chatham Mills of Pittsboro, NC. Post first album, they let go of earlier parameters and trusted their collective instinct to carry on sans rules! In 2016, the trio was joined by percussionist Robert Cantrell and Saxophone player Lisa Lindsay.

Meredith Sause – Vocals, Bass, Ukulele
John Gillespie – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Paul Snow – Guitar, Ebow, Accordion, Bass, Ukulele
Robert Cantrell - Cajón, Additional Percussion
Lisa Lindsay - Saxophone

Email us at merrybellepark@gmail.com