Drowning L’s & CoraSon October 14th 8pm

D-Lovers & CoraSonFriday, October 14th at 8pm, The Drowning Lovers will formally introduce our newest and most marvelous member, Robert Cantrell. He is most often seen and heard as percussionist extraordinaire (see Josh Starmer and the Starmakers), but in smaller circles is known for having wrestled a bear. This is not a lie. He Wrestled. A Bear. We are so lucky he is still alive and that he wants to play songs with us. He grooves!  So much so, in fact, that he’ll be drumming in both bands for the show. Go, Rob! We are thrilled to be playing with the likes of CoraSon -a dynamite, sultry trio complete with saxophone!  Come wine and dine (they have snacks) with us at the West End Wine Bar in Chapel Hill. Crime-noir fiction author Eryk Pruitt will be tending bar that night and that guy just makes you want to drink and whistle a tune. See ya soon! xo, Mer

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