Prypyat & Drowning ♥ers @ Open Eye

PRYPYAT (pri-pee-at) PosterPrypyat_DLsis Leah Gibson (Lost in the Trees) and Duncan Webster (Hammer No More the Fingers) and it is said that “…the two create a full and refreshing sound – rich, absorbing melodies floating over the rhythmic fingerpicking of Duncan Webster. A little sun-shiney, a little moon-lighty, sometimes nostalgic, sometimes quirky, with a hint of darkness, Prypyat will make you feel like you’ve been swept up by a cloud and dropped off into some enchanted night-meadow.”

Being paired with Prypyat for an evening of music just might bring you close to that blissed-out catharsis you’ve been needing -you know, the one that causes you to crave chocolate cake and whiskey? BYOCCAWTS*

Show begins a bit after 8pm. Who is playing first? No idea. But whatever the line-up, we aim to be a delicious pairing.

See you there.

*Bring your own chocolate cake and whiskey to share.

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