About The Drowning Lovers

The Drowning Lovers formed in 2009 to explore the darker waters of their creativity and to share with audiences the sinister joy of songs of the macabre.  Within their plaintive tales one will hear strains of 50’s ballads, bossa nova, the blues, and more.  From a prom date revenge drama to a ghostly lover’s invitation to dance, each song chronicles a new tale of longing, treachery, and often-fatal consequences.  

Slowly, The Drowning Lovers will siphon out your marrow and spread you onto hotcakes with a diamond-studded knife. While their dreamy, lounge-noir ringings may entice, hyper vigilance is a necessity, as one is likely to fall prey to their sorrowful revenants and vengeful bitches. And if you do fall, you will find yourself afloat inside a warm web of dulcetries, as your life flashes before your eyes.

Meredith Sause – Vocals, Bass, Guitar
John Gillespie – Guitar, Bass, Vocals
Paul Snow – Guitar, Ebow, Accordion, Bass, Ukulele

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